About Us

Styliltte™️ started 3 years back as a small store in Manhattan that sold hair clips and bandanas. Three college students used to handle the store in multiple shifts throughout the day and used to run it as a side hustle. 

Slowly but steadily, people started liking the products  and the calm, composed and presentable nature of these young girls caught attention of the local new-yorkers who started buying from them in bulk amounts. 

Stylitte™️ shifted its operations online in Jan 2019 and started selling women oriented and hair grooming and beauty related products within US. After a tremendous response from the stylish gals all across US, Stylitte™️ decided to move on go big with its consumer based. 

Fast Forward to 2021, we are selling private labelled and in-house manufactured electronic items that are all performing as our best sellers and we have tracked shipping and selling of our products worldwide. 

A little dream of three college girls has now grown into an international renown brand! 

Come buy from us and have an experience of a lifetime. Ciao!